This document has been written to help improve the League, providing a clear blueprint for accepted rules and expected conduct for both players and clubs. The document does not cover every eventuality and as the London Unity League continues to develop, so will this document via feedback and suggestions by clubs partaking in its running.

Graeme Moore

The League is sad to learn of the loss of Graeme Moore, former Phoenix manager and goalkeeper. Graeme also played for Stonewall FC.

East End Phoenix have posted the following tribute on their Facebook page, which we echo:

“For those that haven’t heard, yesterday we lost a team legend. Graeme played with us in the first few months of the team in 2008 and then, after playing for Stonewall for a few years, returned to Phoenix to help Leviathen run the club, and brilliantly took over managing the team. Every week he injected his enthusiasm, wisdom and humour to rally the troops. He was truly the glue that held us together for several years.

“His painful battle with cancer ended yesterday, surrounded by family and friends. So many players came and stayed at Phoenix because of you Graeme… your memory will live on and be cherished by us all.”