This document has been written to help improve the League, providing a clear blueprint for accepted rules and expected conduct for both players and clubs. The document does not cover every eventuality and as the London Unity League continues to develop, so will this document via feedback and suggestions by clubs partaking in its running.

February 2018 is Football vs Homophobia‘s month of action. It’s a month when everyone involved in football is asked to take action to make football more┬ásafe, welcoming and inclusive for LGBTI people.

There are various ways in which fans, professional clubs, grassroots clubs, county FAs and leagues can help.

How you can help

The London Unity League supports Football vs Homophobia’s month of action 2018, as league chairman, Brian Silk, explains: “The London Unity League is an amateur football league that was set-up to unite LGBT footballers and others in a competitive but friendly sporting environment. Together with organisations in London and the UK, the clubs of the LUL want to make football accessible to all.

“Our existence, as a league and the clubs within the league, helps to make football safe, welcoming and inclusive for LGBTI people all-year-round. February is a month of focus across football and is an opportunity for us to build on the involvement we have with others throughout the year through a recognised month of activity.”