This document has been written to help improve the League, providing a clear blueprint for accepted rules and expected conduct for both players and clubs. The document does not cover every eventuality and as the London Unity League continues to develop, so will this document via feedback and suggestions by clubs partaking in its running.

Charlton Invicta FC, this season’s champions, were presented with the League Shield by London Unity League Chair, Brian Silk, before their final match of the season away to Stonewall FC 3rds this afternoon. 

LUL Chair, Brian Silk, presents the League Shield to Gary Ginnaw, Player/Manager of Charlton Invicta FC

Before presenting the Shield, Brian apologised that the players’ medals had not arrived in time for today, meaning the league was not able to give them to the players on the day.

Brian went on to say, “Congratulations to Charlton Invicta FC on winning the London Unity League 2017/18. This is the club’s first LUL title, either as Charlton Invicta or Bexley Invicta, so congratulations on that, too. Enjoy being the champions!

“Most people I speak to, say the LUL is an increasingly competitive league, so all credit to Gary, Paul, the Charlton Invicta committee and of course the players, and also to the other teams in the league, for making this a hard-fought and well-deserved title.

Brian continued, “I think it is fair to say Charlton Invicta have won the league emphatically. Even as the points stand ahead of this match, we need to go back to 2013-14 to find a club that has won the league with more points, when Romans Gladiators finished with 43.

“And, for goal difference, notwithstanding the outcome of today’s game, we would need to go back to that 2013-14 season to see a bigger goal difference. It would take more than a few goals today to change that!”

Brian then presented the Shield to Gary.

L-R: Robin Lee, LUL Secretary; Brian Silk, LUL Chair; Gary Ginnaw, CIFC Player/Manger; Paul Driscoll, CIFC Chairman