This document has been written to help improve the League, providing a clear blueprint for accepted rules and expected conduct for both players and clubs. The document does not cover every eventuality and as the London Unity League continues to develop, so will this document via feedback and suggestions by clubs partaking in its running.

Titans XXL Manager, Paul Wheeler, receiving the trophy from LUL Chair, Brian Silk

This afternoon, London Titans XXL were finally presented with the Fair Play Trophy for last season.

Before handing over the award, London Unity League Chair, Brian Silk, apologised for the delay, adding that he hoped that it was “better late than never.”

Brian went on to say that Titans XXL received zero disciplinary points in the 2016/17 season, meaning that they were shown no cards at all in any of their matches. “You should be very proud of that achievement,” said Brian. “I hope that all the teams in the league will be inspired to aim to match your achievement next season.”

The presentation took place at the Thames Trademan Rowing Club – Titans’ usual venue for post-home match drinks and food – after their match with East End Phoenix FC.