Monday 23rd November 2020

Start up your own LUL football club

Are you thinking of starting up a football club? 

The LUL and AFA have produced the first-ever ‘Start your own LGBT+-friendly football club’ guidance, bringing together their combined knowledge, insight and access to resources.

Of relevance to anyone wanting to set up any kind of football club, you can read the inside story they don’t tell you in the text books.

Discover the secrets, hints and tips on how to get going, how to attract LGBT+ players, and when and how to start training and playing matches.

Find out about when and how you should set up a committee, adopt a constitution, set-up membership, how to start to finance your club and obtain appropriate insurance.

And get valuable information about funding and other resources available, and how to get advice and support to get going.

It’s all here in Setting up an LGBT+friendly club

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London Unity League action

28 October 2020

League statement: all matches suspended until December

In line with FA guidance, all league activities will be suspended from Thurs 5th November to Weds 2nd December.

Millwall Romans FC

21 October 2020

Millwall Romans record big win over Soho Freedom

Millwall Romans continued their 100% winning start to the season with a huge 26-0 victory over Soho Freedom.

London Titans FC

1 September 2020

London Titans announce team names for 2020/21 season

London Titans Football Club have announced the names of their two squads entering the London Unity League for the 2020/21 season.